As cooperate responsible citizens for the Sri Lankan community we are willing to collaborate with the SME sector to uplift their food product range for global consumers with direct supervision of our brand. This initiative will empower the Sri Lankan SME sector with the highest level of quality standards which fulfill global requirements. Meanwhile, it will uplift the livelihood of local communities as an added social benefit. Products that come under this project will feature the brand symbol ”I am from Sri Lanka”.

Introducing our own product range especially for export markets.

Honey & Jaggery
People are switching to healthier options such as jaggery and honey as their awareness of health and fitness grows. Both honey and jaggery contain micro-nutrients that is essential for ones wellbeing.
Dehydrated Foods
Food dehydration is the process of lowering the moisture content of food to improve shelf life by adding one or more forms of energy to the food. Dehydrated foods are generally 100% natural.
Cereal & Traditional Rice
Rice is a major cereal crop consumed as a staple food by over half of the world's population. Discover our very own Sri Lanka's rice and cereal-based products.
Chutney & Jam
The main difference between chutneys and jam is that jam is sweet while chutney is savory. Chutneys are made with sweet ingredients like fruits, but spices and vinegar are added to make it spicy and fragrant.
For centuries, cashew enthusiasts all around the world have adored and treasured Sri Lankan cashews. Cashews are a satisfying and nutritious snack, that’s high in protein.
Herbal Beverages
Herbal beverages are popular in developed global markets. These herbal beverages offer to both young and old generations of consumers who require healthy, delicious drinks with immune-boosting properties at any time.
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Products under I am from Sri Lanka project will be carefully supervised in accordance with Freelan quality standards, and we will maintain the faith that our customers have placed in us over the last three decades. And it will provide an excellent opportunity to sample authentic, natural, fresh, and homemade Sri Lankan food products prepared in accordance with traditional rites passed down through generations. Sri Lankans have long been known for their gastronomic culture, and our efforts will bring this to you through the most trusted brand in Sri Lanka.