Freelan Agro (Pvt) Ltd is the agro processing center for Freelan which has been established to integrate our supply chain. It enables the key raw material supplies such as turmeric, ginger, garlic, dehydrated pardon leaves, curry levees etc. this vertical integration of supply chain provides us the control of raw materials with supreme quality standard.

This agro processing center is equipped with the facilities for process spices and dehydriding of spices. Currently whole supply of turmeric and ginger supplied through this processing unit and it helps us to improve our quality standards with better control. Dehydrating unit provisions several inputs for freelan manufacturing process including garlic powder, curry leaves, pardon leaves, sera leaves, carrots, leeks etc.

Turmeric Cultivation

While we are purchase raw materials from local farmers around different parts of the country for Agro Processing Centre our own lands of turmeric cultivation provide us the solid supply. We have established two separate spice plantations at weeraketiya and Balaharuwa.